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Daily Expectations
for Immersion Language

Foreign language immersion is a teaching method where teachers use the foreign language as a tool to teach content subjects and in day to day interaction with the students.


Students use their immersion language to navigate throughout their day. This creates a meaning and a purpose for learning the language.


This successful way of learning a foreign language mimics the way a child learned their native language.


At FLAIM, students are taught math, science, social studies, and the immersion language arts in their immersion language.


This means that students spend the majority of their school day in their immersion language.


The Immersion teacher’s daily language expectations are to interact with students solely in the immersion language.


FLAIM students’ daily language expectations are to actively participate in a grade appropriate manner in the immersion language.  Communications with both the teacher and other students should occur in the immersion language.


PreK4 and kindergartners are allowed to speak in English. As they increase their immersion language acquisition, they are encourage to communicate more and more in the immersion language.


This continues until halfway through 1st grade. In the 2nd semester of 1st grade, students are expected to communicate the majority of the time in their immersion language.

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